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We are making our map-based data for the Cocwudu project open, online and interactive… step by step.

Click on this Interactive map link to view it.  Click on any of the icons in either legend to turn a layer of data on or off.  The map will be updated as we add more data.   We hope you like it.

Cocwudu is the name for an interdisciplinary landscape history project in a zone of mid Northumberland, between the valley of the river Coquet in the north and that of the Hart-Wansbeck to the south. The historical geographer, Emeritus Professor Brian Roberts of Durham University, has identified this as a zone of woodland, beyond core settled areas. The name Cocwudu is an early form of the name we now have as Coquet; it occurs in a text of the 10th/11th century known as the Historia de Sancto Cuthberto. The underlying aim of the project is to study how this landscape has evolved into its present state, and the Bernician Studies Group currently has a particular focus on the woodlands of the present day and the charters of the medieval religious houses of Newminster Abbey and Brinkburn Priory.

Colm O’Brien and Bridget Gubbins searching for Cocwudu

Cocwudu Studies

Cocwudu Studies is the title for a set of documents arising from the Cocwudu project which can be downloaded from here.