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Members of the Bernician Studies Group publish papers, articles and books in their own right, and on behalf of the group. Here you can read academic papers authored by the research directors and find links to books written by members.

A long term research project in central Northumberland, called Cocwudu, is producing fascinating stories about the evolution of Early Medieval landscapes in a woodland setting. An interim report on progress to 2019 will be uploaded in the near future.

Two new publications are due out in 2019 or 2020. The first, written by Colm O’Brien, Max Adams and Diana Whaley, is called ‘Churches and Territories of King Ceolwulf’s Grants to St Cuthbert and the Alienations of the 9th Century.’ This will appear in the next volume of Archaeologia Aeliana.

The flitting of the sparrow: the ephemeral and the eternal in Early Medieval Northumbrian thought, by Max Adams and Colm O’Brien, will appear in 202 in a new edited volume looking at processes of petrification.

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